Age of Mythology - Fragment


Frames from the Age of Mythology cinematic

When FragMent Studios were commissioned to create the opening cinematic for Ensemble Studios' Age of Mythology, they turned to TheBeaverProject. A team of five is all that was needed to complete this intricate production.
Breakdown of a shot, showing progression from Maya to LightWave to the rendered and comped shot.
1890 Kb DivX 550 Kb DivX
Splitscreen of the same shot, showing Maya, LightWave and rendered and comped final
1100 Kb DivX 329 Kb DivX

Brute Force - Fragment

Frames from the intro that was done by Frag-Ment for the E3 introduction of Brute Force.

Projects done with The Beaver Project

Age Of Mythology (intro)
Brute Force (intro)