What is it?

The Beaver Project is a suite of translation tools for Maya and LightWave that allows using LW as a color/lighting tool for Maya. LW previz can also be loaded into Maya if a shot that was started in LW requires it.

Transferring complete animation data between the two packages has previously been difficult, but The Beaver Project makes that easy! We want to give you the best of both worlds, and give you the flexibility to go back and forth between the packages.

With LW's powerful polygonal modeling and its award-winning renderer on one hand, and Maya's powerful animation and scripting tools, you get to mix the best of both worlds.

Most of our users set up their pipeline to model in LW or Maya, rig and animate in Maya, write out all the LW data and then do their Color/Lighting in LW. Because renderings from both packages are perfectly registered, elements rendered in either packages comp perfectly together.

For productivity, while you have character animators working away in Maya, you can have someone else already texturing your objects in Lightwave, and when you get done with the animation, write out a new version, update the LW scene and hit the render button.

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