Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt - Rainbow Studios

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Rainbow Studios had to create extremely detailed models and textures for the dinosaurs, including this T-Rex, because the documentary will be shown in high-definition television format. The HDTV resolution also made compositing the 3D images into the live-action backplates especially challenging.
Getting up close and personal with T-Rex.
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Pocari Sweat - Colorado FX


Just in time for the World Cup Soccer playoff series, Colorado FX provided visual effects services for Pocari Sweat's commercial spot "Soccer," directed by Level 7's Sandy Collora.The underwater soccer game is the theme for the Japanese soft drink, Pocari Sweat, through Asatsu DK.

Husqvarna Twister - Colorado FX

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Visual effects company Colorado FX in Santa Monica, California created its own mighty CG tornado with multiple composit elements for director Bob Newcomb of Boulevard Films and the client Husqvarna.

M&M's Strip Poker - Duck Studios

Animation World Magazine

The M&M’s Strip Poker spot represents what Duck, as a small studio does best: character animation.
M&M's playing strip poker..
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